Depending on your insurance carrier a special submittable request may be necessary in order for you to see another Physician outside of your Primary Care Doctor. The necessity to see another specialty Physician or have a diagnostic study will be determined during your visit with Dr. Banias. We DO NOT provide referrals to see any specialist or have any laboratory or diagnostic studies prior to your visit with the Doctor or Physician Assistant.

Most policies that need a prior authorization require that the Staff at Midwest Medical Associates or your Primary Care Physician speak with your insurance company regarding the request to see another physician or have a diagnostic study done(stress test, EKG, ultrasound, seeing a dermatologist, cardiologist). Unfortunately not all requests will be granted.

We ask that you give Midwest Medical Associates at least 1 weeks notice prior to making your appointment with another Doctor, should you need a special authorization to do so, so that we have amply time to file the request. If you are going for a diagnostic test/study this still applies to you. If you do not give us ample time to call for the prior authorization you may have to cancel your appointment with the specialist or lab/diagnostic group and reschedule until we have done so. If you see the Specialist or have a diagnostic test done prior to receiving the prior authorization you will have to pay for it out of pocket. Unfortunately this is the policy of your insurance company not Midwest Medical Associates.

If you are unsure how your insurance carrier works please do not hesitate to call are office.